[Review] Vintage Bottlers - Islay Single Malt Secret Series NO.3 52.1%


A new Vintage Bottlers release today with the 3rd instalment of their Secret Series!

This is a 32 year-old single cask from an undisclosed Islay distillery (the one beginning with Laphr…) distilled in 1990 and bottled at 52.1%

Despite not being an expert in old Laphroaig, I cannot wait to try this one!

My tasting notes:

Nose: Fruity & gently peated, tropical fruit, pineapple, dried papaya, yellow fruit, peach, apricot, spicy pear, lemon, slight bacon and iodine, quite oily (linseed oil) hints of orange & slightly mineral too. What a start!!!

Palate: Sweet & tropical, mango, dried pineapple, orange, slight toffee, honey and vanilla, salty notes too, faint peat smoke and a little black tea. Well balanced and absolutely delicious!

Finish: Gentle & warming, salty peat smoke with vanilla & honey sweetness, dried oak, mossy, seaweed and fudge.

With water: Sweeter nose with more toffee and more yellow fruit. The palate is slightly smokier and loses some citrus notes. The finish is a little spicier and dryer.

What an experience, and what a dram! I know at nearly £1k a bottle it’s not a cheap drink but it’s incredibly tasty! And with MaltCask10 you can also save 10% off the whole shop so definitely worth thinking about…

Slàinte all!

Thanks agian to the guys at Vintage Bottlers for sending me the sample!


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