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[Review] Kavalan - Concertmaster 40%

Let's go to Asia today, specifically to Taiwan with the Concertmaster. In the last few years, Asian whiskies have become very trending particularly anything coming out of Japan, but not exclusively. Taiwanese whisky and Kavalan in particular have been producing some pretty amazing whisky too, winning quite a few prizes for some of their releases despite operating only since 2005. I have tried some of their Solist bottles (cask strength releases) which were very impressive, and their standard, more accessible range is not bad either.  Kavalan whisky is relatively young but the heat in which the spirit is aged accelerate wood interaction and therefore the maturation process, thus allowing the distillery to release younger whiskies which do not necessarily taste that young. So what about the Concertmaster? It is a single malt which was first matured in American oak before being finished in Ruby, Tawny and Vintage port barriques. We are not given an age on the bottle but I gue