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[Review] The Macallan - Edition 6 48.6%

  Today, I am looking at a bottle of Macallan Edition 6 with a twist... The whisky itself does not have a twist, it is more the way I came across this bottle. It was actually sent to me already opened by Mark Littler. Mark is a whisky consultants/broker who runs  as well as a YouTube channel:  Mark Littler With this bottle, Mark has focused on the idea that ‘whisky is for sharing’ and decided to send this bottle to Vin @nononsensewhisky for him to open it, pour a dram and review it, before sending it to someone else, and to someone else... until there’s only one dram left for Mark to enjoy! What a cool idea!!! After @nononsensewhisky the bottle went to @newdramdrinker, to @matts_cigars_and_whisky and now to me. So I shall pour a glass and review it before the bottle makes it’s way to somebody else! So what about the whisky? Highly sought after, these Macallan Editions are probably not opened as much as they used to. A quick look at auction prices and you’l