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[Review] Knockando - 18 years old 1996 43%

As a kid, I remember my dad's particular dislike for whisky, probably because the bottles he had -given to him as presents- were not quality spirit. However, when he started venturing into the world of single malt over 15 years ago, the first bottle he ever got was a Knockando 12 in a wooden presentation box, before moving to Talisker 10 and Laphroaig 10. I have no recollection of the taste of this Knockando 12, but it is a name which stayed with me. Knockando is a Speyside distillery founded in 1898 and the name means 'little black hill'. It is not to be confused with the Knockdhu distillery which produces anCnoc single malt. Knockando is used mainly in blended whisky such as J&D and tends to be aged using ex-Maker's Mark and Jack Daniels casks. It is owned by Diageo and seems to be widely available in Frence but not so much in the UK. Knockando is also one of the rare brands to release their single malt as vintages or 'seasons' as they call them.