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[Review] Wild Turkey - 101 50.5%

Back to Kentucky today with a look at Wild Turkey 101. I know I still need to investigate Bourbon / American whiskies further but bit by bit, I will get there. Wild Turkey 101 is a bottle which often recommended by Bourbon drinkers as a solid pour for a very affordable price so when my local supermarket started stocking it, I thought it was time to make up my own mind about it. And I guess as you can see from the fill level on the pictures, it has been very well received. I have drunk a fair amount neat but have also enjoyed it in cocktails (it makes a pretty good old fashioned!) The mashbill for Wild Turkey is composed of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley and the 101 version is bottled at 101 proof or 50.5%. Nose: Not overly sweet, herbaceous (coriander, mint) lemon, some fresh oak, nutmeg, toffee but not much vanilla. It gets a little fruitier after a bit of time in the glass (cherries, hints of prunes and aniseed). I do not get too much alcohol for 50.5%! Pala