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[Review] Cadée Distillery - Sample Set

The Cadée Distillery, have you ever heard of it before? I hadn't until they got in touch with me via Instagram a few weeks ago. Being French, the first thing I noticed was the accent in the name and thought it could be a new French distillery but a quick online search took me across the pond to the USA and more particularly to the Island of Whidbey in the state of Washington. A little more research showed me that Cadée isn't linked to France but instead the Gaelic word for 'pure' and that the distillery was opened in 2015 by Colin Campbell, a Scotsman passionate about whisky. So it's a young distillery, but what do they produce? They have a small range of products with two Bourbons, two Rye whiskeys and one American whiskey. They also produce some gin and some vodka, so actually not such a small range for a 5 year-old distillery. The distillery started with the Bourbons and Ryes before adding the American whiskey to their range in 2018. For both Bourbons an