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[Review] Craigellachie - 10 years old Signatory Vintage 46% (L’Ambassade du Vin)

Being French, I tend to go back home a couple of times a year, which allows me of course to catch up with family and friends but also explore what French shops have to offer in terms of whisky. And like in England, I have seen the whisky scene develop (and the matching prices too!) in the last few years with more world whiskies, more bottles from less-known distilleries and more independent bottles. I have managed to pick up some French single malts, some cheaper bourbon and even some Macallan 18 years old from 1969. Most of these picks came from a couple of shop, one of which has just released (for the first time I think) a 10 year old single cask Craigellachie bottled by Signatory Vintage for them: L'Ambassade du Vin. And as I am lucky enough to have parents who enjoy and know a bit about whisky, I was greeted by a bottle last week when I made it home for Christmas. L'Ambassade du Vin is located in the small town of Niort and from a few bottles of whisky stocked a few ye