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[Review] Starward - Solera Reserve 48%

Something from Australia today, and yes, I did say Australia. Not the first country that would spring to mind when you think about whisky but a whisky producer nonetheless. There are actually a few distilleries in Australia, but the two I was aware of are Sullivans Cove and Starward. I never tried anything from Sullivans Cove but managed to to sample some Starward whisky at the Manchester whisky festival last year and remember being very positively surprised by what I tried. Looking for bottles around was not the easiest but I came across a bottle of Solera Reserve released exclusively for Selfridges in the UK. This is a limited release of their standard Solera but bottled at 48% and limited to only 300 bottles. The label states that this release comes "direct from [their] Solera tank and is a reflection of the depths and complexity in [their] whisky." This allows them to create "a fruity, rich and bold whisky that is a hallmark of both the place it is made and the