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[Review] Glenfiddich - 12 years old 40%

I feel like this review should have taken place a long time ago, when I was still at the very beginning of my whisky journey. However Glenfiddich is not a brand I have had in the cabinet. As you might remember, I started with Islay whisky and moved on to more peat and sherry whiskies. So Glenfiddich has never really been on my radar as far as stronger flavours were concerned. I am not saying I was not aware of it, i have always thought it was not really for me. Fast forward over 4 years and I started to feel I should really have tried it considering the number of times I have heard people make reference to the whisky. So when the 1/2 bottle was on offer at my local supermarket I decided to take the plunge and finally give it a go... Glenfiddich is one of the biggest names in the whisky industry and the 12 is probably their most sold single malt. I must commend them for having stuck with age statements even for the entry point in their range. Of course, the 12 year-old is bo