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[Review] Highland Park - Dragon Legend 43.1%

New presentation, black bottle, dragon scales embossed on the box and a bit of viking reference with the name, this recently released Dragon Legend did get all of my attention as soon as it hit the shelves. And this bottle is not the only new one to have come out of the Orkney distillery in the last year or so (think Walkyrie, Magnus, Full Volume, Voyage of the Raven, the Keystone series, the Dark, the Light etc. not to mention all the single cask releases that everyone seems to be going mad for!) but definitely one which is readily available in the UK. With a price tag of £40 (or £30 when on offer) it is quite reasonable even if there is no age statement on the bottle. So what is the deal with this Dragon Legend? Surely a pretty hot and spicy dram...! According to the packaging "this bold single malt accentuates the intense aromatic smokiness from [the] local Hobbister Moor peat melded with hints of warm spicy fruit cake which come from a long maturation in sherry seasoned oak