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[Review] Maker's Mark - Kentucky Straight Bourbon 45%

I cannot believe I have not yet reviewed this bottle as I opened it about 3 years ago. To be perfectly honest, I bought it at the same time as Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace, and preferred the other two to this one. Since, I have moved onto Blanton's Gold and some Rye, which meant the Maker's was left pretty much untouched. A few weeks ago however I had another pour and was pleasantly surprised. What put me off Maker's is the fact that at the time, I felt it tasted a little too mineral to my taste compared with Buffalo Trace and Woodford which were much sweeter. I guess that could be down to the fact Maker's use wheat in their mash bill instead of Rye. A few years down the line and it is not something that bothers me anymore! Maker's Mark Bourbon is bottled at 45% and is of course natural colour. Nose: There are two sides to the nose. There is some sweetness and fruitiness with vanilla, cherry, corn and even floral notes, but there is also some mi