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[Review] Buffalo Trace - Kentucky Straight Bourbon 40%

A few posts ago, I reviewed my first bourbon, the Woodford Reserve distiller's select. As I mentioned then, American whisky wasn't something I drunk too much of, purely because of the image I had of it. Then came Balcones True Blue during a tasting and Woodford, my first purchase. Since then, I decided to try others. I am doing with bourbon what I have done with scotch: I start with less expensive and readily available bottles, generally purchased at a local supermarket, before going further up in the range, or not... So after Woodford, I got a bottle of Maker's Mark (which I will review in a coming post) which in my mind isn't as good as Woodford. Talking to some of the guys at the Whisky shop, they suggested Buffalo Trace and last week, I came across an offer on the bottle so decided to give it a go for £18.  Buffalo Trace is one of the biggest bourbon producer, with many brands such as Eagle Rare, Blanton's, Col. E. H. Taylor, George T. Stagg or Pappy Van Wink