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[Review] Old Perth - 12 years old 46%

Today we are looking at a sherried blended malt from Morrison's Distillers, the Old Perth 12 years old.  When Morrison relaunched the Old Perth range, I attended a tasting where I got to try the standard Old Perth and its cask strength counterpart. Both of them really impressed me with what I felt was fantastic value for money. So when I was offered a bottle of the 12 year-old (latest addition to the range) I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to review it! So it still is a blended malt, aged for a minimum of 12 years, bottled with no chillfiltration or added colour and at 46%. Very promising start! My tasting notes Nose: Oloroso forward with a lot of nuttiness, sultanas, slightly chalky, some orange blossom, oak spice, hazelnuts, prunes, blackberry jam, cinnamon, some crème brûlée, caramel and hints of red apples. Solid start! Palate: Sweet, fruity, quite chewy and dark. Some liquorice, blackcurrant, blackberry, prunes, oak, nutty (walnuts), cocoa and a slight bitterness too (ginge