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[Review] Johnnie Walker - Green Label 15 years old 43%

After the Black and the Blue, here comes the Green. This is a whisky I have been meaning to try for a long time now at it is supposed to have a nice amount of peat and smoke due to the combination of four key single malts: Linkwwod (light Speyside), Cragganmore (richer Speyside), Talisker (smoky Skye) and Caol Ila (salty & peaty Islay). There is no grain whisky in the Green Label which makes it a Blended malt rather than an actual Blend. It was also aged for a minimum of 15 years.  I didn't actually think I would get to try the Johnnie Green as it was discontinued in 2012, but Diageo (owner of the Johnnie Walker brand) decided to relaunch it in 2016. And here I am today, with a bottle I picked up for £30 (on offer) of the new Green! However, I won't be able to compare it to the old bottle. The official launch statement mentions that the recipe has not changed but many a review mention the change of taste between old Green and new Green. As far as I am concerned, I

[Review] Bruichladdich - Super Heavily Peated 2002/2003 Savchenko Family 46%

Back into my samples tonight with something rather unusual as it is a sample of Super Heavily Peated Bruichladdich bottled in 2009 for the Savchenko Family Connoisseurs Club of Whisky in Ukraine. It is a vatting of 4 casks, 1 ex-sherry cask distilled in 2002 and 3 ex-bourbon casks distilled in 2003. What is particular about it is that Bruichladdich no longer produce peated whisky under their own name but rather use the Port Charlotte or Octomore branding for any peated release. Because this single malt is peated at 79PPM, we could pretty much consider it the father of Octomore! Having looked online for more information about the bottle, it is not one you will see a lot around. The main page on which I found some information is the  Whiskyauctioneer  page which had one for sale in its past auctions, not much else apart from that. Picture from  whiskyauctioneer Picture from  whiskyauctioneer This Super Heavily Peated Laddie was bottled unchill-filtered and with its natu