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[Quick Review] Teaninich - 14 years old Fragrant Drops 53.8%

Picture from A brand new indie bottler today with gorgeous bottle designs: Fragrant Drops. And first on the list, a Teaninich 14 years old (2008/2022) finished in a fresh Bordeaux barrique and bottled unchillfiltered, undiluted and uncoloured, at 53.8% Distillery: Teaninich Bottler: Fragrant Drops Age: 14 years old Distilled: 2008 Bottled: 2022 Cask: Ex-bourbon and Fresh Bordeaux Barrique finish Abv: 53.8% Unchillfiltered: Yes Natural Colour: Yes Nb of bottles: 287 Extra: Cask #900264 My tasting notes: Nose: Malty first followed by fruity notes, raisin, overripe strawberries, raspberries, honey, a little orange peel and some fresh oak spice wrapped in caramelised/ slightly charred oak. There also a touch of minerality. A very inviting start! Palate: Thick and chewy, oily too and slightly maritime as well with a hint of salt. There’s oak spice, vanilla, some earthy notes and some restricted bitterness. The fruit is present but quite concentrated with m

[Review] Arran - 13 years old Distillery Exclusive 57.1%

Arran 13 with Lochranza Castle in the background Today, I am reviewing a bottle I should have reviewed a while back now. In April 2019 I headed out to the Isle of Arran with a few friends and after some very picturesque hikes, we stopped at the distillery for a tour and a tasting. Both were absolutely fantastic and I left with a bottle of 13 year-old Arran, exclusive to the distillery shop. Arran is know for using many types of casks, from sherry, to wine but I wanted to go back to the essence of the spirit with this ex-Bourbon cask. Distilled on 20/05/05, the spirit spent over 13 years in a Bourbon barrel before being bottled on 14/11/18. This is bottle 115/194 and is of course unchillfiltered, natural colour and cask strength (57.1%) My tasting notes: Nose:   Fruity and sweet, honey, fresh fruit (peach and grapes), vanilla, oak, raisins, caramel, some floral hints as well (jasmine and orange blossom) A very promising start! Palate: Pretty big, fruity and spicy, some bitterness, star