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[Review] Glengoyne - the Teapot Dram Batch 006 59.3%

A quick review of a sample from Glengoyne today. This is from batch 006 of their Teapot Dram. What is the Teapot Dram from Glengoyne? Well that's the story taken from their website: "The Teapot Dram series has been created in tribute to an old Glengoyne Distillery tradition: until the 1970s, workers would be given three fingers of whisky, three times each day. Most distilleries gave their teams new make spirit, but not Glengoyne. At Glengoyne, the finest whisky from first fill Oloroso sherry casks was chosen for the distillery workers’ drams. The less seasoned stillmen would, to save face, discreetly pour some of their untouched drams into a copper teapot which sat on the canteen windowsill, ready for their older colleagues." Batch 006 was aged in first-fill Oloroso casks, was bottled unchillfiltered, without colouring and at the natural cask strength of 59.3%. Only 2772 bottles were released. The colour is pretty dark even if no age is stated on the bottl

[Review] Bimber - Sample Set

When you think about whisky, what country comes to your mind? Scotland, of course, the USA, Ireland, yes, but would you think England? Probably not. However, as I discovered with many other countries (France included!) there is whisky produced in England as well. In my experience however, not all English whisky is that great yet. The only one I have actually enjoyed is the whisky produced by the Cotswolds distillery. A few weeks ago, I got a message on my Instagram profile from a communications agency inviting me to visit a new distillery in London which had just past the 3 year mark in their whisky production. This distillery was Bimber. I had never heard of them before and asked for more information as getting down to London was not easy. A few days later. I found a parcel at my door with a very neat tasting set inside. And after a few busy weeks, I finally managed to find time today to sit down and get these 6 seals broken. Before I get into the samples in detail, what