[Review] Glengoyne - the Teapot Dram Batch 006 59.3%

A quick review of a sample from Glengoyne today. This is from batch 006 of their Teapot Dram. What is the Teapot Dram from Glengoyne? Well that's the story taken from their website:

"The Teapot Dram series has been created in tribute to an old Glengoyne Distillery tradition: until the 1970s, workers would be given three fingers of whisky, three times each day. Most distilleries gave their teams new make spirit, but not Glengoyne. At Glengoyne, the finest whisky from first fill Oloroso sherry casks was chosen for the distillery workers’ drams. The less seasoned stillmen would, to save face, discreetly pour some of their untouched drams into a copper teapot which sat on the canteen windowsill, ready for their older colleagues."

Batch 006 was aged in first-fill Oloroso casks, was bottled unchillfiltered, without colouring and at the natural cask strength of 59.3%. Only 2772 bottles were released.

The colour is pretty dark even if no age is stated on the bottle. I don't think it is that old however.

Nose: Quite spicy with some alcohol coming through (well it is 59.3% after all) Some oloroso sherry notes, raisins, some vanilla but I also get a fresher, greener side to it with some herbal and green wood notes. Some maple glazed barbecued meat, cocoa powder, burnt caramel, orange peel.

Palate: The first sip is rich and dark with lots of brown sugar. It evolves after a few more sips. The tip on my tongue starts fizzing, the palate is becoming sharper with bitter chocolate and hints of new make mixed with some glacé cherries, some oak and orange peel. 

Finish: Oaky, nutty and brown sugar first, becoming sharper as well after a few sips. Some oloroso nuttiness, oak, very drying. I can also see why Phil (who gave me the sample) mentioned olives as I get some black olives bitterness.

With water: The nose is still fresh and fruity but a little less sharp. The palate is fruity, sweet and spicy but it's lost the new make hints which is for the better. Like with the palate, the finish dropped some sharpness. It is still spicy and drying.

As much as don't tend to add much water to my single malts, I must admit this one gets better with a bit more than just a couple of drops. Without, I found it quite sharp and not a whisky I would return to very often. With some water, it gets better and definitely loses some of its alcohol/sharp/youth notes. Would I buy a bottle? For around £90, I would probably buy the 18 instead...

Thank you Phil (Whisky Wednesday on YouTube) for the sample. Very glad I got to try this one even if the outcome is not quite what I was anticipating!

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