[Review] Glen Elgin - 12 years old DS Tayman 46%

Today I focus on one of DS Tayman's latest releases: Glen Elgin 12 years old, part of their Tulip Edition.

And what is the Tulip Edition? Well it’s a range of 4 single malts, all aged for 12 years, all bottled unchillfiltered and uncoloured at 46%, but most importantly, all finished for several months in hand picked Syrah wine barrels from the Tulip winery in Northern Israel! There is a Linkwood, a Caol Ila, a Blair Athol and this latest release, from the Glen Elgin distillery.

My tasting notes:

Nose: Fruity and vibrant, red fruit, Haribo fraise tagada sweets, malted barley, slight tangerine, strawberry jam, blackberry coulis, cashew nuts and fresh vanilla pods.

Palate: Juicy and fruity, chewy with oak spice, slight smoke/ wood char/ toasted oak, hint of fennel/ aniseed, ripe yellow peaches, spicy sultanas, some tannins, barley sugar and prune notes too. Tasty!

Finish: Fruity and woody, Rich chewy jam (blackberry), oak spice, dark caramel, tannins and prunes again.

With water: More honey on the nose. Thinner palate with added sweetness/ toffee, cashew nuts. Extra oak spice on the finish.

This is definitely a very tasty and enjoyable drop. The Glen Elgin profile is there but with an extra layer of fruit and spice from the Syrah wine barrel finish. I can’t wait to pour another one!

I am also looking forward to trying the rest of the range, but I’m sure they’ll be just as good!

Thanks again to DS Tayman for sending me these!

Slàinte all!


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