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[Quick Review] Ballechin - 14 years old 2005 (The Whisky Exchange) 58.8%

Picture courtesy of   Distillery : Edradour Bottler : Distillery for The Whisky Exchange Age : 14 years old Distilled : 2005 Bottled : May 2020 Cask : 2nd fill sherry hogshead Abv : 58.8% Unchillfiltered : Yes Natural Colour : Yes Nb of bottles : 296 Extra : Bottled under the Ballechin name (peated Edradour) My tasting notes Nose:  Sweet and ashy, herby notes too, dark fruit (blackberry and blackcurrant) dried fruit (raisins), slight tar, hints of coriander and mint, dried oak and some dark chocolate. Palate:  Not as sweet as I was expecting. Some sweetness and fruity notes but also quite green and herby with some mint and eucalyptus. Cold bonfire. Finish:  Quite drying, oak, cherry, slight acrid smoke and cough sweets. With water:  The nose is fresher and mintier. It loses some of the rich ashy and tarry notes. The palate is slightly sweeter and spicier but I feel the flavours are not quite as well balanced. The finish is slightly spicier too with a little m

[Quick Review] Tobermory - 12 years old Manzanilla cask finish 46.3%

Photo courtesy of Distillery : Tobermory Bottler : Distillery Age : 12 years old Distilled : n/a Bottled : 2017 Cask : Bourbon with a Manzanilla cask finish Abv : 46.3% Unchillfiltered : Yes Natural Colour : Yes Nb of bottles : n/a Extra : n/a My tasting notes Nose:  Slight 'dirty sherry' notes (sulfur?), raisins, vanilla, some maritime notes as well (sea breeze), walnuts, caramel, milk chocolate and a slight earthiness. Palate:  A wave of thick milk chocolate first before dried fruit, fresh orange, oak spice, walnuts again and hints of sourdough. Finish:  Tinned peaches, nuts, muscovado sugar, slight peanut butter, still a bit of sulphur throughout, chocolate raisins. With water:  The nose is slightly less 'funky' with more citrus and toffe notes. The palate and finish are both flatter though with a bit more honey sweetness and hints of fennel. Overall, a decent Tobermory but far from the best I've had from the distillery... Slàinte all!

[Quick Review] Bunnahabhain - 21 years old Adelphi's Liddesdale (batch 10) 46%

 Time to get back into some of the samples I have in stock! Photo courtesy of Distillery : Bunnahabhain Bottler : Adelphi (Liddesdale) Age : 21 years old Distilled : n/a Bottled : n/a Cask : Mix of Bourbon and Sherry Hogsheads Abv : 46% Unchillfiltered : Yes Natural Colour : Yes Nb of bottles : 1011 Extra : This is batch 10  My tasting notes Nose: Fresh, fruity. yellow fruit, melon, apricot, peach, some fresh oak too, acacia honey, slight confectionary and floral notes, lemon and orange blossom. Great start! Palate:  Barley sweetness, fresh fruit, a little spice and grapefruit bitterness, still some honey and slight nuttiness. Finish: Mix of honey, nuts, grapefruit and slightly drying oak spice. Lingering nicely! With water: The nose is even fruitier, the palate is sweeter with more honey and the finish is a little spicier but less bitter. What a delicious dram! Definitely one to add to my auction wacthlist! Slàinte all!

[Review] Craigellachie - 10 years old Signatory Vintage for L'Ambassade du Vin 46%

With the growing popularity of whisky, more and more wine and spirits shops decide to bottle their own single malt. By their own, I mean of course casks they have purchased through distilleries thmselves or through independent bottlers.  This is the case today with a Craigellachie selected by L'Ambassade du Vin in Niort (France) through Signatory Vintage. And looking at the cask reference (306151/part) as well as the number of bottles released (156) I guess this is from a cask share. Bottle details: Distilled 23/06/2009 Bottled 08/11/2019 Cask 306151/part Number of bottles 156 Abv 46% Colour Pale gold No mention on the label of filtration or colouring but I would say it is unchillfiltered and natural colour. My tasting notes Nose:   Creamy and fruity, green fruit, pears, apples, vanilla, spicy notes too, slight oak and cashew and pistachio nuts. Palate:   Creamy again, almonds, more yellow fruit than green fruit, peach, cereal sweetness and again a little oak spice developing after