[Quick Review] Bunnahabhain - 21 years old Adelphi's Liddesdale (batch 10) 46%

 Time to get back into some of the samples I have in stock!

Photo courtesy of www.masterofmalt.com

Distillery: Bunnahabhain
Bottler: Adelphi (Liddesdale)
Age: 21 years old
Distilled: n/a
Bottled: n/a
Cask: Mix of Bourbon and Sherry Hogsheads
Abv: 46%
Unchillfiltered: Yes
Natural Colour: Yes
Nb of bottles: 1011

Extra: This is batch 10 

My tasting notes

Nose: Fresh, fruity. yellow fruit, melon, apricot, peach, some fresh oak too, acacia honey, slight confectionary and floral notes, lemon and orange blossom. Great start!

Palate: Barley sweetness, fresh fruit, a little spice and grapefruit bitterness, still some honey and slight nuttiness.

Finish: Mix of honey, nuts, grapefruit and slightly drying oak spice. Lingering nicely!

With water: The nose is even fruitier, the palate is sweeter with more honey and the finish is a little spicier but less bitter.

What a delicious dram! Definitely one to add to my auction wacthlist!

Slàinte all!


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