[Review] Maker's Mark - Kentucky Straight Bourbon 45%

I cannot believe I have not yet reviewed this bottle as I opened it about 3 years ago. To be perfectly honest, I bought it at the same time as Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace, and preferred the other two to this one. Since, I have moved onto Blanton's Gold and some Rye, which meant the Maker's was left pretty much untouched. A few weeks ago however I had another pour and was pleasantly surprised.
What put me off Maker's is the fact that at the time, I felt it tasted a little too mineral to my taste compared with Buffalo Trace and Woodford which were much sweeter. I guess that could be down to the fact Maker's use wheat in their mash bill instead of Rye. A few years down the line and it is not something that bothers me anymore!

Maker's Mark Bourbon is bottled at 45% and is of course natural colour.

Nose: There are two sides to the nose. There is some sweetness and fruitiness with vanilla, cherry, corn and even floral notes, but there is also some minerality in there, some chalkiness, wood dust, cedarwood, some ginger spice as well as hazelnut, rice cereal and linseed oil. Rather interesting!

Palate: Sweet, rich and spicy, some burnt caramel, vanilla and fruity notes (mandarin), hints of violet and some cereal with rye spice and a little salt.

Finish: Sweet, spicy, woody, quite drying and some fruity and floral notes. It lingers nicely for a while.

With water: A few drops make make for a sweeter experience with a bit more fruit on the palate (cherry) and some treacle.

All in all, I am glad to have rediscovered Maker's Mark. It actually shows how your palate/taste evolves with time. I guess I should really think about getting hold of some Maker's 46, Barrel proof or single cask bottles now...


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