[Review] The Macallan - Edition 6 48.6%


Today, I am looking at a bottle of Macallan Edition 6 with a twist...

The whisky itself does not have a twist, it is more the way I came across this bottle. It was actually sent to me already opened by Mark Littler. Mark is a whisky consultants/broker who runs https://www.marklittler.com/ as well as a YouTube channel: Mark Littler

With this bottle, Mark has focused on the idea that ‘whisky is for sharing’ and decided to send this bottle to Vin @nononsensewhisky for him to open it, pour a dram and review it, before sending it to someone else, and to someone else... until there’s only one dram left for Mark to enjoy!

What a cool idea!!!

After @nononsensewhisky the bottle went to @newdramdrinker, to @matts_cigars_and_whisky and now to me. So I shall pour a glass and review it before the bottle makes it’s way to somebody else!

So what about the whisky? Highly sought after, these Macallan Editions are probably not opened as much as they used to. A quick look at auction prices and you’ll see some are fetching quite a bit more than their original RRP.

This one is of course opened as Mark wants to share the whisky with as many people as possible.

The colour is a lovely dark amber (it should be natural too), the whisky was aged in a combination of first and second fill American and European butts and hogsheads. It was bottled at 48.6%

Nose: It’s very Macallan in my mind, reminds me a bit of the old 12, rich yet fresh, the sherry is definitely present, old wood, bee’s wax, chocolate coated raisins, hazelnuts, some citrus notes too, almond biscotti, nutmeg, a little leather, dried fruit and some dark cocoa powder. After a few minutes in the glass, it becomes creamier with some glacé cherries notes. Very good start!

Palate: Sweet and spicy, quite rich and oily, raisins, caramel, slight ginger, bitter orange, walnuts, brown sugar, dark chocolate, some prune notes too, oak spice and a hint of pepper. Very moreish!

Finish: Warming, long, old oak furniture, plums. Still a little ginger and some brown sugar, quite drying, dark cocoa and dried figs. Nice, very nice!

With water: Sweeter and creamier nose, moving from dark to milk chocolate, the palate however gains in spice with more ginger and so does the finish with a little more pepper and slight coriander vibe.

For me, it will be without water!

I had only tried Edition 2 which I really enjoyed but this one is absolutely delicious too! Shame these have become collectors/investors bottles because I could drink way more of it!

Unfortunately, this is not my bottle, so all I’ve got left to do is sign it and send it on its way for another review!

Thanks again Mark. What a fantastic idea!

Slàinte all!

For more info:


Mark Littler's YouTube channel


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