[Review] Benromach - Polish Oak Cask 772 58.6%


Today, I’m in for a treat with a sample of Benromach Polish Oak single cask 772, bottled as usual, unchillfiltered, uncoloured and at the natural cask strength of 58.6%. As per the Benromach website, “Polish Oak has long been known for being a great oak for whisky maturation, due to the strength and thickness of the wood, and the depth and character it brings to the flavours.”

So let’s see what that’s all about!

My tasting notes:

Nose: Benromach DNA straight away, slightly dirty, smoky sweetness, fruity, oak, spice, vanilla, mixture of black cherry and lemon, stewed fruit, peaches, dark cocoa, hints of linseed oil, nutmeg, wood polish, peanut butter, orange… Wow, wow, wow! What a start!

Palate: Rich & chewy, oak , aniseed/fennel, dark fruit, toffee, bitter orange marmalade, slight nuttiness, nutmeg, caramel wafers, hints of back pepper, milk chocolate. What a dram!

Finish: Smoky, liquorice, embers, some fruity notes too, strawberry jam, red fruit, vanilla pods.

With water: The nose loses some dirty notes, sweeter, less smoky and a little more lemon. The palate is a little more bitter & spicier, with more citrus coming to the fore. The finish is spicier too. It will be without water for me as the experience is way bigger without!

Wow, what an amazing dram! I might actually have to look for a bottle now. Once again it proves my point, while everybody is fighting over bottles from Campbeltown, I’m more than happy to stick with Benromach…

Slàinte all!

Thanks again to @benromach for the sample!

Picture courtesy of www.whiskyshop.com


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