[Review] Vintage Bottlers - Speyside Single Malt 29years old Secret Series NO.2 44.8%



Third instalment in my Vintage Bottlers release reviews and today it’s the turn of their 29 year-old Secret Series Speyside Single Malt.

Again, no name on the label but we get coordinates and a quick map search takes us straight to the Glenlivet distillery…

Aged for 29 years in what I presume was an ex-Bourbon cask, it was bottled with no chillfiltration or colouring and at the natural cask strength of 44.8%

Time to sample it then!

My tasting notes:

Nose: Fragrant, full of fresh fruit, citrus, lemon and orange, white peach, kiwi, green banana, almond, oak spice, slight milk chocolate, lemon sherbet, crème anglaise and some malty notes too. What a start with such a range of aromas dancing in the glass!

Palate: Fruity again, sweet and creamy. More citrus, lemon and white peaches, some mandarine, sweet and spicy oak, some vanilla fudge, fresh orange peel, green pears and green melon. Deliciously fruity!

Finish: Creamy, almond praline, drying oak, a lingering floral aspect with some orange blossom, milk chocolate and some pineapple notes too. What a dram…!

With water: The nose moves from green/white fruits to more yellow fruits (ripe peach, apricots, sweet pineapple) and candies orange peels. The palate becomes richer/ sweeter/ nuttier (toffee, praline) and the finish gains in oak spice.

What a nicely balanced dram, packed-full with flavours. It will transport you straight from an fruit-packed orchard in the summer to a old-school sweet shop with oak cases full of fudge, pralines and roasted nuts! A true delight!

Vintage Bottlers have announced two new releases for September, a Ben Nevis 26 (1996) and a Port Charlotte 21 (2001) so watch this space!

Slàinte all!

Thanks again to @vintage_bottlers for the sample and don’t forget the code ‘MALTCASK10’ for a 10% discount on their whole online shop!


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