[Quick Review] Raer - Blended Scotch Whisky Oloroso Expression 40%


Distillery: Jackton Distillery

Bottler: Distillery

Age: NAS

Distilled: n/a

Bottled: 2022

Cask: n/a

Abv: 40%

Unchillfiltered: n/a

Natural Colour: n/a

Nb of bottles: n/a

Extra: This is their blended scotch aged for a further 9 months in Oloroso casks.

Raer is produced by the Jackton distillery in the Lowland region of Scotland. Production started on 12th February 2020 with a view to release their own single malt “with a true seed to spirit experience.”

As they currently cannot bottle any of their own single malt for now, they are releasing gin, vodka and a Blended Scotch. This one is their blended scotch aged for a further 9 months in Oloroso casks.

My tasting notes:

Nose: The first pour was surprising with some burnt caramel notes but a bit of air cleared most of it. The nose is sweet with quite a bit of Oloroso nuttiness, vanilla, raisins, milk chocolate and a slight rum vibe in the mix. With a bit of time, some pine and strawberry ice cream come to play too. Not a bad start even if a little tame.

Palate: Oloroso forward in my opinion but no real grain harshness, which is rather pleasant! Vanilla, milk chocolate, hints of pine again, some almond and slight rubber. Perfectly decent but it would have really gained from being bottled at a higher abv…

Finish: Quite short and not very memorable. More milk chocolate, nuts, vanilla and slight grist.

With water: A few drops add some citrus to the nose and the palate. The palate also gain a little spice and aniseed. The finish is a little spicier too.

Overall, this is a decent blend, perfect for beginners or occasional drinkers, but I feel it’s missing something, which is probably a few extra %, especially considering the £35 price tag.

Thanks again to Raer Whisky for the bottle. Looking forward to your first single malt release!

Slàinte all!


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