[Quick Review] HighGlen - 3 years old Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) 46.4%


Distillery: HighGlen

Bottler: That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Age: 3 years old

Distilled: n/a

Bottled: 2022

Cask: 100 litre casks made from Ex-Bourbon staves, and Ex-Sherry heads

Abv: 46.4%

Unchillfiltered: Yes

Natural Colour: Yes

Nb of bottles: n/a

Extra: Batch 1 / Part of TBWC Norwest-Euro Express series

HighGlen is a Swiss distillery and that is what you learn about it from the That Boutique-y Whisky Company website:

"A one Man operation, situated on the peak of a Swiss Mountain, heavily inspired by Scotland, and run by the larger than life character, Lord Gunter Sommer. Located in the village of Santa Maria, on the border of Switzerland and Italy, at an altitude more than twice that of Ben Nevis, the distillery has been built into his home.

All of the distillery equipment, apart from the still, was designed and built by Gunter. The power source for the distillery is an array of solar panels on the roof.

Gunter primarily uses specially coopered 100 litre casks made from Ex-Bourbon staves, and Ex-Sherry heads."

My tasting notes:

Nose: Quite malty, milk chocolate, nuts and husk at first. After a few moments, it becomes fruitier with some strawberry jam, blackberries, dark cherries and a little citrus, wrapped in spiced honey.

Palate: Sweet and sour, candied peel, orange, honey, apricot, toffee, oak spice, hints of grapefruit, slight nutmeg and herbal notes. 

Finish: The malty, husky milk chocolate vibes reappear with some bitterness, grapefruit pith, fresh oak and drying spice.

With water: The nose is creamier, orange blossom and creme caramel. Some roasted nuts flavours develop on the palate. The bitter/sour notes turn into more spice. The finish becomes spicier too.

This is probably my first experience of a Swiss whisky and it is far from being a bad one. The flavour profile is super interesting, especially considering the age of this single malt! It is not a mind-blowing whisky but a very decent one in my opinion. I really hope I get to try some more from HighGlen in the coming years.

Slainte all!

Thanks to TBWC for the sample.



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