[Review] Glenmorangie - The Accord 12yo / The Elementa 14yo / The Tribute 16yo / 43% / Travel Retail Range

Glenmorangie have just launched a new Travel Retail range. Three new bottles, three age statements, three types of maturation, all bottled at 43%. Even if it is not a distillerie I have expored much so far, I was very keen to get stuck in when I was offered to try them all!

So let’s go and explore…

The Accord 12 yo, 43% (bourbon & Oloroso casks) £59

Nose: Strawberry jam, oak, orange, cinnamon, milk chocolate, toffee, vanilla fudge

Palate: Fruity, nutty, oak spice, raisins, milk chocolate, dried figs and dates

Finish: Nutty, Oloroso, oak, cashew nuts, milk chocolate, cream, spice, Brazil nuts

Destination: Winter in southern Spain!

The Elementa 14yo, 43% (bourbon and new charred oak) £68

Nose: Fruity & sweet, peaches, lemon, vanilla, fresh, honey, apple, white grapes, cake icing

Palate: Sweet honey, vanilla, oak spice, malted barley, green pear, fondant icing, butter cream, fresh wood, ginger, floral

Finish: Spicy, sweet, barley, peach, creamy, soft caramel

Destination: Late summer in a French orchard

The Tribute 16yo, 43% (bourbon barrels) £85

Nose: Slightly earthy, sweet peat, smoke, moss, lemon, vanilla, fresh wood, sugar-coated almonds

Palate: Sweet smoke, earthy, maritime, lemon, oak sweetness, aniseed, vanilla, almonds

Finish: Sweet earthy peat, drying oak, vanilla sweetness, creamy nuttiness, macadamia nuts

Destination: Wet autumn in the Scottish Highlands

Overall, this is a nice little bit of travel you’re getting with these three. I think I’d struggle to select a favourite destination!

Slàinte all!

Thanks again to Glenmorangie and FILTR.Qingwa for sending all these goodies to me!


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