[Review] Bowmore - 10 years old Aston Martin partnership 40%

Probably one of my favourite collaboration today, linking Islay whisky with Aston Martin. And this is courtesy of the Bowmore team, who sent me the bottle for free!

I have had a mixed experience with Bowmore and I put this down to one main key factor, the presentation of the whisky. Not the box and label, but the abv and filtration. The standard bottles released at low abv (40%) have not really been that great, butI have really loved the 48%+ releases.

Now this 10 year-old is part of a new Travel Retail range that Bowmore have released in conjunction with Aston Martin. You’ll find a 10, 15 and 18 year-old, The 10 years old is aged in a mix of sherry cask and bourbon casks (40%), the 15 in first-fill bourbon casks (43%) and the 18 in a mix of Oloroso and PX casks (43%). The whisky has also probably been coloured and chill-filtered.

So let's get stuck in and see what this one is like...

My tasting notes

Nose: Sweet and smoky, dried fruit, ash, smoke, tropical notes, mango, caramel, hints of plum and strawberry jam. A pretty good start even if the 40% is obvious

Palate: Thin and watery arrival, it builds up a little after a few sip with some dried fruits again, cold burnt wood/smoke, oak spice, caramel, some tropical notes and milk chocolate. Quite disappointing, really wish there was more…

Finish: As soon as the dram goes down your throat, you get a nice warming puff of sweet smoke, which is delicious even if short lived! The finish is slightly mineral, raisins, wet campfire, burnt oak and some floral hints (lavender?)

With water: Is is even worth bothering? The nose is a little sweeter and fruitier and less ashy. The palate gets washed away and like with the nose, the finish gains in fruity sweetness. Don’t bother with water!

Overall, I guess it is pretty much what I expected of this one: okay but far from impressive. I can imagine for an occasional drinker this is going to be very enjoyable, with a very accessible mix of sherry and peat flavours. For a more seasoned whisky drinker however, you won’t be able to help yourself wishing Bowmore had bottled this one at 48%+ abv. When I think back about the Laimrig 15 they released a few years ago, and how good a cask strength sherried Bowmore was, that really shows how great a dram this could have been!

I cannot forget it is part of a travel retail range though, so not designed with seasoned drinkers in mind, and I must admit that at around £45 for 1 liter, it isn’t bad value for money!

Slàinte all!

Thanks again to the team at Bowmore for sending me the bottle.



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