[Quick Review] J.J. Corry - The Gael 46%

Going to Ireland today with a sample of The Gael from J.J. Corry, courtesy of Axiom Brands. The brand J.J. Corry (the name of a renowned whiskey Bonder of the 1890's) was created by Louise McGuane in 2016 when she became the first whiskey Bonder in Ireland in the last fifty years. But what's a whiskey Bonder I hear you say? It is someone who sources their spirit from local distilleries, matures it in their own casks and blends unique whiskeys to their customers' tastes. 
Picture courtesy of www.thewhiskyexchange.com

: Irish - Unknown
Bottler: J.J. Corry
Age: NAS
Distilled: n/a
Bottled: Summer 2017
Cask: blend of 5% 26 year-old single malt from ex-sherry casks, 27.5% 15 year-old single malt, 27.5% 11 year-old single malt, 40% 7 year-old single grain
Abv: 46%
Unchillfiltered: Not mentioned
Natural Colour: Not mentioned 
Nb of bottles: 7000
Extra: The Gael is named after a bicycle J.J. Corry invented in the 1890's

Nose: Fruity and grassy, sweet peaches mixed with green pears, oak notes, biscuits, honey, barley grist, dried apricots.

Palate: Sweet honey first, fruit next, orchard (apples and pears) some lemon and pepper, sherbet and hints of wood.

Finish: Creamy barley, some oak dryness, a hint of ginger bitterness and a little spice. 

With water: The nose is fresher with more grass and green fruit notes. The palate is greener too with less honey sweetness. The finish loses some of the bitterness and gets creamier with some honey resurfacing.

Overall, this is a very fresh, fruity and enjoyable dram, proving once again that a whisk(e)y does not need to be a single malt to be excellent!




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