[Quick Review] Benriach - 14 years old, 2000, cask 38131 59.3%

With everything that has happened in the last few months, whisky drinking and particularly whisky tasting has taken place at home. I attended and organised quite a few online tasting sessions and I now find myself with some half samples left. So I thought I would pick up some of the most interesting ones and do a few quick reviews. No long-winded write-ups, just some key tasting notes!

I am starting with a distillery which is fast becoming one of my favourite: Benriach.

Picture courtesy of www.abbeywhisky.com

Distillery: Benriach
Bottler: Distillery
Age: 14 years old
Distilled: 2000
Bottled: July 2014
Cask: ex-bourbon (nb 38131)
Abv: 59.3%
Unchillfiltered: Yes
Natural Colour: Yes
Nb of bottles: 198
Extra: Part of the 11th batch of single cask releases

Nose: Fruity and sweet, lots of apples, fresh orchard, vanilla, citrus, dried bananas and some toffee.

Palate: Astringent at first, apple and lime, sweetness mixed with spices, cinnamon, barley sugar and green wood.

Finish: More malty on the finish, oak and nuts.

With water: The nose gets more honeyed fruit. the palate in less astringent but still with some heat as well as more wood and stewed fruit notes. The finish is drying and a little fruitier.

Very fruity and enjoyable!

Sample purchased from www.masterofmalt.com


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