[Review] Kilkerran - Heavily Peated 59.3%

Today I am reviewing a sample sent to me by Stuart @whisky_whims. He got in touch with me on Instagram and offered to send me a sample of Longrow 18 (review to follow) and of the brand new Kilkerran Heavily Peated. I guess I could not pass on the opportunity!
Kilkerran comes from Campbeltown. It is produced by the Glengyle distillery and is one of the new kids on the block having only started production in 2004 (even if the distillery was actually founded in 1872 it had stopped production in 1925) I have tried their standard 12 and their 8 year-old cask strength which are fantastic so I am looking forward to pour this Heavily Peated sample into my glass!

A little leak in transit but nothing too serious fortunately!

There is no nonsense here as far as the presentation is concerned. This Kilkerran is presented in its natural colour, unchillfiltered and at the cask strength of 59.3%. The whisky has been aged for 55% in ex-bourbon casks and 45% in ex-sherry casks.

Nose: Quite a bit going on here. Sweet and citrus, some peat of course but not over the top, some malted barley, lemon, some savoury/iodine, seaweed and seaside air, yeasty bread, hints of honey. It gerts a little sweeter after a few minutes in the glass (apples, confectionery, caramel) What a start!

Palate: Sweet and spicy, peat, some heat at first, spirity, showing its youth (and high abv!), citrus again, after a few seconds, it gets rounder and thicker, sweet and salty, some malty notes, hints of milk chocolate, smoke, sour sweets, some bitterness and hints of mint.

Finish: Rather long in my opinion. Oak wook, warming, smoke, ash, peat, salt and seaweed, drying, milk chocolate again, bread dough, a little rubber and tar.

With water: The nose gets sweeter with more citrus too, peat still but less maltyness. Some bacon. The palate loses the initial heat but get a bit more spice throughout, still some sweet peat and lemon sharpness, toffee. The finish is sweet, ashy, peaty with honey notes.

That was a real treat and such a quality malt despite its (probable) young age. Another release which show how promising the future is for Glengyle and Kilkerran. I'm very excited to try more!
That you very much to Stuart for this amazing sample. I now have to go to Whisky Whims youtube channel and watch his review of this Kilkerran to compare my notes with his!
Picture from the reallygoodwhisky.com 


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