[Review] Glengoyne - 14 years old 40% (M&S)

A new distillery for me to discover today: Glengoyne. I actually went to visit the distillery in August as it is just north of Glasgow and well worth a visit in my opinion. I had never really experienced any Glengoyne before my visit, and even whilst there, I did not really try anything as I was unfortunately driving. I should have bought a bottle but wasn't really sure of what to go for, so (for once) left empty-handed. A couple of weeks later I came across a bottle of the 14 as I was in my local Marks and Spencer and decided to give it a go. The 14 is an official bottling released only for M&S so it might be harder to track if you do not have one around. 
Glengoyne work a lot with ex-sherry casks which heavily influence most of their whiskies. In the case of the 14, a lot of 1st-fill and refill Oloroso casks. 

Glengoyne pride themselves in bottling whisky with its natural colour "from time and sherry casks alone" and this 14 is a lovely gold colour. It is bottled at 40% which makes me think it has been chill-filtered. 

Nose: Quite sweet, barley sugar, sherry, not too much of a bite in terms of alcohol. Some citrus notes (lemon), a little resin, oak and a bit of cinnamon. Honey and raisins too. A good start!

Palate: Sweetness and quite syrupy at first, some barley, oak, malt and nutty notes. Some spices too with some bitterness. Quite mouthwatering and rather easy drinking!

Finish: Not too long with some oak dryness, malt and sherry notes. Hints of leather.

With water: More citrus on the nose. The palate becomes a little spicier and more bitter. The finish is also spicier. The dram becomes a little unbalanced in my opinion so personally, I would not add water to this one.

I must admit than when I opened the bottle, I was not to impressed by my first pour. Thankfully with a little air and time, it has improved quite a bit, to the point where I actually enjoy it a lot. To me, it tastes like a well made whisky. All I want now is to try the 15/18/21 from their range!


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