Whisky of the Year 2016

Going back over my old posts, I realised I started the blog in October 2015, which means that I have just completed my first calendar year reviewing whisky. As I follow a few whisky reviewers both on written blogs and recorded vlogs, I have found myself exposed to several "whisky of the year" posts. That made me wonder about my own whisky experience from 2016 and whether or not a whisky stood out in my mind. And the answer was both yes and no. I did get to try some fantastic whiskies this year, from Octomores to independent Coal Ilas, from Stagg Jr to ex-wine cask matured Auchroisk, Ardbeg Dark Cove, 1996 Clynelish, Nikka Pure Malt White, the Last Drop 48 and 50 and so many more, not forgetting to mention an amazing tour of Islay with again some great tasting sessions. 
But what if I had to choose one whisky I bought and really enjoyed/enjoy spending time with? Well, one single malt came to mind very quickly, and that is the Lagavulin 8 years old. Every time I have a dram of it, it puts a smile on my face. I love the smoke which comes from it and am very glad I still have 2 more unopened bottles of it (I am even wondering if I shouldn't go for a 4th bottle...) There is another bottle however, which in my mind was a very pleasant surprise in 2016, the French single malt Whisky de Lorraine from Rozelieures. I never really expected great whiskies could be produced in my home country until I got to try Glann ar Mor's Kornog and even more so with Rozelieures's Whisky de Lorraine. As I described in my review of it, it reminds me of Highland Park 12 in the way it combines flavours, with a wonderful marriage of sweetness, spiciness, maltiness and peatiness. A real treat! I know I have not reviewed the second bottle I have from Rozelieures yet, but I will definitely be looking forward to acquiring more when I am back in France over the summer!
So there you have my take on the 2016 Malt Cask Whiskies of the year!

Happy New Year to all and see you soon again for more reviews!



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