[Review] Glen Deveron - 10 years old 40%

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2017 à tous!
I am back in France for some family time during the end of year festivities. This is the reason why I have not been posting that much recently. When I reviewed my dad's Glen Deveron 15 in August, I did mention he also had a bottle of the 10 years old that I would review if I had time and of course, I didn't. Having a bit of time today, I thought I would make the most of it and post the Glen Deveron 10.  
Like with the 15, the 10 is not a single malt which is readily available in the UK. The Deveron can be found in some whisky shops but I have never seen the Glen Deveron out there apart from on the continent. As far as the 15 is concerned, I ended up my August post saying that despite it being a rather pleasant malt, it didn't really rock my boat in terms of more pronounced flavours. I must admit, I expect the 10 years old to be along the same lines...

As for the 15, the 10 is bottled at 40%, chill-filtered and with the addition of colouring.

Nose: Fruity first, with a bit of honey, hint of spices, some green pears and cereal notes. I know the bottle has been opened for a few months now, but the nose is far from being powerful...

Palate: Quite creamy, malty, woody (oak), some caramel notes and even some faint peat in the background, hints of bitter spices

Finish: Some dry oak, cereal, still some sweetness first which changes into bitterness. Not a very long finish either.

With water: The nose gets a bit more citrus, still fresh and fruity. The palate is not as creamy and it gets more malt notes (hints of dark chocolate too?). The finish is still quite dry and bitter. Once again, I would not add water to this single malt...

Overall, I think my initial thought was correct. Like with the 15, it is pleasant but nothing more. In my mind the 15 has more citrus and spices when the 10 is creamier and maltier. I would say that for the price (around the 20€ mark in France) it is worth picking up and trying it, to make your own mind up!


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