[Review] Jack Daniel's - Single Barrel Select 45%

Back with some Bourbon today or should I say Tennessee Whiskey? Jack Daniel's is indeed one of the main distilleries based in Tennessee and for which Tennessee whiskey should be differentiated from any other Bourbon. To be perfectly honest, the difference between both is rather minor as Tennessee whisky is basically a Bourbon which has been filtered through sugar-maple charcoal after distillation. Apart from that, the rules are the same (it has to be produced in the USA, the mash bill has to be made of at least 51% corn, no colouring or flavouring must be added, the spirit must be distilled at 165 proof maximum and must be barreled at 125 proof or under in casks made from new charred American white oak for at least 2 years) 
Jack Daniel's has never been a brand I looked to much into. To me it was more of a cocktail whiskey than a sipping one. Plus, my dad always had a big decanter of it at home but never drank it, which probably tainted my idea of the stuff. 
I attended a single cask tasting not long ago and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select was part of the line up. I did enjoy it and one of the guys there got me a bottle before I left, lucky me! So here it is today.
As it's name states, the Single Barrel Select is drawn from one cask at the distillery. For people who would be really interested, mine comes from barrel 15-0466 rick L-15 (small label on the neck of the bottle)

The Single Barrel is bottle at 45% ABV and is a rich amber bourbon colour. Unfortunately, I am not really familiar with their standard No.7 so I will not make any comparison.

Nose: Sweet Bourbon, fruity and spicy, notes of cherry, brown sugar, corn and some herbs

Palate: Not too buttery, quite dry, sweet and fruity, some spice, popcorn, hints of honey and pepper, some nuttiness and chocolate coming through

Finish: Quite spicy, still corn and honey sweetness, some cereal notes

With water: Sweeter nose, palate and finish. The water cuts out a lot of the spiciness. More honey and brown sugar, chocolate, corn, somehow a bit less interesting...

Overall, I am glad to have been able to discover this bottle. It has challenged the preconceived idea I had of Jack Daniel's and makes for an enjoyable dram.

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