[Review] Glen Deveron - 15 years old 40%

Back into my parents' drinks cabinet today for a second holiday post. After Oban a few days ago, I came across a nearly empty bottle of Glen Deveron 15 so I thought I'd better hurry and give it a go. The Glen Deveron distillery is also known as the MacDuff distillery and is located on the North-East coast of Scotland by the banks of the river Deveron. Their slogan is actually "Where the river meets the sea". I have not really seen many bottles in shops around Manchester but it is a brand much more present in France. Just look at website such as Master of Malt or The Whisky Exchange and you'll understand what I mean. My dad actually has the 10 year old too, which I will try to review as well, if I find the time.

The Glen Deveron 15 is bottled at 40% and is more than probably chill-filtered. The colour is a rich golden but E150 is very likely to have been added.

Nose: Citrus and mineral with some sweetness too. Honey and chalk. Bizarrely, it reminds me of Bushmills 10...

Palate: Quite sweet with honey and vanilla, some fruit too and hints of spices.

Finish: Not very long or complex in my mind with some sweetness and still a hint of spices.

With water: more caramel sugar on the nose with less citrus. Not much difference on the palate or finish, maybe more plum and sugar, but at 40%, I wouldn't much to your dram anyway.

Overall it is a pleasant whisky but it doesn't really give you big flavours. Even with its modest price for a 15 years old, I'd rather stick with Bunnahabhain 12 or Highland Park 12 as a regular dram.


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