[Review] Laphroaig - 18 year old 48%

Laphroaig (like many other peat power-houses) is like Marmite, either you love it or you hate it! Fortunately for me, I love it. I say fortunately because in my opinion they produce some excellent whisky. The 18 year-old I am about to review is a good example of this. I started with the Quarter Cask, which is still one of my favourite go-to dram (and I need to review it, yes!) before upgrading to the 18 when I realised how much a bottle would cost me if I bought it in France... The 18 replaced the 15 in 2009 in the standard range. The 15 re-appeared in 2015 as a "limited release" for the 200th anniversary but some sites mention that the 18 could potentially be discontinued by the end of 2016*. Other people told me that, in their opinion, Laphroaig might alternate between 15 and 18, which would allow them so preserve their stock for a longer period...  Keep an eye and an ear out and if any of you have any concrete info, let us know in the comment section. Anyway, back to the 18.

Laphroaig 18 has been bottle at 48% ABV. The packaging states that the whisky has not been chill filtered but it also states "Mit farbstoff Farven justerest med Karamel" which to me signifies that the colour has been adjusted with caramel. I am not sure why Laphroaig wouldn't chill filter the whisky but then add E150 as both chill filtration and colouring make for a fully consistent product (mainly for the US market), but hey! at least they state it (even if it is in Danish!)

Nose: It is a mix of cereal, fruit and medicinal peat to me, with banana, salt, biscuits, and some hints of vanilla. After 30 minutes, I pick up more citrus notes.

Palate: Some fiery peat, some salt, hints of orange and liquorice.

Finish: Still salty, peaty, oaky with some chocolate notes. I have lost some of the citric elements first, but some grapefruit/lemon come back at the end. 

With water: I find the nose sharper and fresher, more citrus and fresh fruit with peat permeating through. The mouth feel is even creamier with some sweetness and hints of tar,and I find the finish smokier.

As always, enjoy with moderation and before I forget

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2016 be filled with joy, health and many new whisky experiences!!!



  1. The 18 & 15 are officially off the market some bottles are floating around. They will reappear eventually again this is from the importer. I recommend trying Laphroaig Lore price is high but worth it.

    1. I have tried the Lore at the distillery and it is good indeed. The Tripple Wood is good too.


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