Hello and welcome to the Malt Cask, a blog about whisky. I am relatively new to whisky, having only properly got into it about 2 years ago, so this blog will be about sharing new experiences, information and any tips gathered along the way. 
Drinking whisky as always been for many people, the idea of a dark basement, cards, cigars and revolvers. Believe it or not, it isn't! For other people, whisky is this disgusting drink which doesn't taste of anything, burns your inside and leaves you with a terrible hangover the following morning. Again it isn't -providing you choose your bottle carefully and you drink it in moderation! Like with wine, if you look a bit more into what you are buying and don't go for the cheap and nasty stuff, you will find many enjoyable flavours. 
I have realised that in the last few years, whisky has experience a bit of the revolution. Gone are the days when distilleries were closing down, they are now struggling to cope with the demand and new distilleries are even opening their doors. Yet, reading the many sites, books and blogs about the spirit, I have found it difficult at the beginning to understand everything and particularly to detect all of the flavours people could find in a given dram. That is partly the reason why I decided to start this blog, to try to make whisky more accessible to a wider public. 
I do not consider myself an expert at all but more a whisky enthusiast who enjoys pronounced flavours, is keen to discover more and share the results.


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